3. 4. 2007 - 12. 5. 2007

vamiali’s gallery is pleased to present the first solo show in Athens of Canadian born and London based artist Janice Kerbel.

According to her words, her work is developed out of the logic that particular structures and spaces presuppose. “I use, she writes, identifiable conventions from a range of times and disciplines to imagine a space between rationality and imagination, abstraction and representation. Often taking the form of plans or studies, my work maintains the promise of a subsequent state while rendering any such fulfillment obsolete.” How to rob a bank, how to cheat on cards, or how to buy property of an island that does not exist are some of Janice Kerbel’s paradoxical “proposals”. Her work addresses questions of surveillance, ecology, and conceptualism and although is usually clean cut presented, evokes a shadowy world, a poetic view on non-existed structures or a simple solution by providing secret knowledge. Kerbel mingles two ways of knowledge, detailed research and long-term investigation with escapism, poetry and dream.

For her solo show at vamiali’s she will present two main works. First, under the title “Three Marked Decks” are templates for playing cards with tiny alterations made to the patterned backsides.

The second group of works with the title “Home Climate Gardens”, is a series of digital drawings that conceive of gardens determined by the climatic and architectural conditions of a range of indoor environments for example “Council Flat: Wall mounted garden” or “Gym: Respiration Garden”. These schematic drawings could be imaginary guides for potential gardeners to assemble the ideal plants in the best arrangement for unconventional sites.

In 2006 Janice Kerbel presented one of her most ambitious projects. Titled “Nick Silver Can’t Sleep” is a 16-minute radio play written for insomniacs. It uses the structure of the lullaby and the tradition of a ballad to tell a narcotic tale of thwarted desire through the voice of 6 nocturnal plants, each character having been developed in keeping with the botanical attributes of the individual species. The play broadcasted on 28 October 2006 by BBC 3.www.nicksilvercantsleep.org.uk

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Janice Kerbel has participated in many exhibitions: Montreal Biennale, Moderna Musset, Stockholm (solo), Karin Gunther Gallery, Hamburg (solo), Oakville Art Gallery, Ontario, Musee des Beaux-arts, Montreal, South London Gallery, London, among others.

"Three Marked Decks", lithograph on paper, 92x70 cm each, installation view

"Three Marked Decks, Bicycle Riderback", lithograph on paper, detail

"Home Climate Gardens", inkjet on paper, 121x86 cm each, installation view

"Loft Mobile Garden", inkjet on paper, 121x86 cm