Vamiali’s @ ReΜap 3
“Reach the sky”, a street art project

curated by Anneta Papadatou
12 September - 30 October 2011

During ReMap 3, the international contemporary art programme in Metaxourgio / Keramikos district, Vamiali’s gallery presents the project “Reach the sky” in collaboration with Anneta Papadatou. “Reach the sky” is a site-specific street art project especially created for the open lot at 36 Leonidou street. An ad hoc construction has been built having as source of inspiration the city’s sky and point of departure the idea of the fenced space in an urban area, a graffiti installation has emerged. The final result was a surprise until the very last moment and was completed just before the exhibition’s opening. The installation showcases small works capturing human urban face’s expressions and feelings and an ad hoc ladder. With the use of graffiti art as a source of expression this street art project aims to highlight the need of metropolitan citizens to reach the sky and escape from the urban reality.The participating well known graffiti artists, all very young with a fresh point of view, have worked collaboratively by questioning the limitations of their style using humor and creativity in an interactive approach with the environment itself. Viewers are able to see the exhibition during 24 hours.

The plot at 36, Leonidou street, where REACH THE SKY project takes place is about five minutes walk from Vamiali's gallery main building.

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