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24. 1. 2004 - 13. 3. 2004

vamiali's is pleased to present British artist Richard Woods' first solo exhibition in Athens. The exhibition will open with a reception on Saturday, January 24, 2004 and continues through March 13, 2004.

Richard Woods will transform the interior of the gallery into an absurd environment. The artist notes about his work at vamiali's: 'There's been a lot of cutting, gluing, hammering and painting going on at vamiali's, in downtown Athens, there's been deadlines to meet, there's renovation in the air. Floors have been laid, walls have been constructed, things are all new and shiny. But don't look too closely its all only paper thin. Its the thinnest surface which transforms the space. Underneath the bright green floor or the "Toile " Style wallpaper things are the same as before.'

Woods' intention is the metamorphosis of the existing. His sculptures, installations and printings using them as 'logos' are all parts of the attempt to transform the existing spaces which are already overloaded with their own story, into vehicles for interpretation and commend on society, class and history.

Richard Woods is characterised as a 'style sampler', mixing different styles of architecture and design with references to other forms of translation, through history, past iconography and social connotations that are arise from each environment or space.

The distinctive large scale woodblock printing technique has recently been seen at Deitch Projects in New York and on an enormous outdoor commission, for Art Basel in Miami, where he wallpapered the exterior of a warehouse .

At the Venice Biennale he printed a mock "crazy paving floor" at the courtyard of the newly restored Convento dei Santi Cosma e Damiano.

And in "Super-Tudor"a permanent project where he completely wrapped a mock tudor house in Woodstock, New York.

He lives and works in London.

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